Use This Checklist to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

☐ A loose outfit for travel that will not make lines or imprints on your body (ladies, skip the bra on boudoir morning)

☐ 1-3 outfits you feel beautiful in

☐ Any products you may need for touching up hair/makeup between outfits

☐ Optional: A robe (either for an accessory or for between outfits)

☐ Any jewelry you want to wear during your session

ADD ON: Use This Checklist if Your Session is a Gift for Your Partner

☐ An (oversized) t-shirt that belongs to your partner

☐ Button up/Dress shirt that belongs to your partner

☐ Any meaningful props that could make the session more personal (Is your partner a sports fan? Bring their jersey. A musician? Bring their guitar. Sky is the limit)

ADD ON: Use this checklist for bridal boudoir sessions

☐ Wedding Bouquet

☐ Wedding Shoes

☐ Veil you will wear on your Wedding Day

☐ White robe, nightgown, or any white pieces of lingerie