How to Prepare for Your Couples Photography Session

Are you booked for photos with your loved one this year?

As a photographer, I want to capture your RAW, AUTHENTIC love, so that you can always go back and re-live that feeling. This means that if you book a couples session, I want it to portray who you are as a couple. So, I've come up with a few tips to make sure your photos are an authentic representation of your relationship.

Bring something special

And I don't mean bringing your furry friend - although they're welcome too! You want your couples session to be a portrayal of your relationship.Bring something you both love, or an item that means something special in your journey together. It doesn’t have to be super sentimental. For example: one of my couples brought their favourite beer, and a box of ice cream (their dogs’ favourite summer treat!). They drank beer on the beach, played fetch with their dogs and ate ice cream. The session was totally candid and totally representative of a day in the life of their relationship.

Wear something comfortable

Wear something you can move in. A stellar couples session will involve a lot of running, jumping, dancing, laughing, sitting, etc. So make sure you can move in whatever you wear!

Think about your outfits in advance

Have you ever left an important outfit to the last minute, not been able to find something you love, and then it puts a damper on your entire day/evening? Your confidence is lower, you can't quite be yourself, and you're just feeling downright bummed? Avoid this by planning ahead!

BONUS TIP: Ask your photographer for help. Seriously. Ask us for help if you need it!

Be open to walking on the wild side

Don’t be afraid to get wet/dirty. This one is especially important for us Saugeen Shores people! If you book a session at the beach, please, PLEASE be open to going in the water, laying in the sand, etc. This is how you’ll get those unique, romantic shots that you’ll cherish forever.

Commit to having FUN

You’ve paid for the session, you’ve committed to attending, now commit to having fun with it! Come with a good attitude. Don’t allow yourselves to bicker before the session. Treat it like a date night. If you’re feeling nervous, let me know and I can start with some prompts that will help loosen you up. But definitely don’t let your nerves ruin the experience for you!