Roller blading enthusiast. Cat lover. Fuzzy blanket collector. Lover of sun, moon & stars. Raised on a dirt road. Beach town local.

I'm a passionate Saugeen Shores, Ontario Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer. I want my photos to show off your AUTHENTIC, WILD love. Let loose. Connect. Be yourself. And let me capture that.

As a photographer, I want to capture how you FEELRAW and AUTHENTICALLY in this important season of your life so that you can always go back and re-live that feeling. Even as time passes. Even as things change.

So, plan to leave your session laughing, exhausted and giddy. Plan to receive photos that are REAL and RAW moments between you and your loved one.

Why Photography?

For me, it isn’t about capturing a moment. It’s about capturing a FEELING. Have you ever looked back on a photo and FELT the way you felt when it was taken? The wave of nostalgia, the way you can remember the sounds, the smells, the atmosphere that was around you? That’s EXACTLY why I do this.

If you know me well, you know I've always been the one who needs to seal the memory with a photo. Who needs to document the beach day, or the hike, or the party. You also know that change has never been my strong suit. I was the friend that cried when something, even small, changed. Every “next step” was so hard for me. Letting go, moving forward, is so hard for me.

Being able to look back on, to re-feel those special moments with my loved ones through my life has monumentally shaped who I am and given me an outlet to remember and cherish those feelings even when things have changed.

And that's exactly what I want to do for you.

Now that you know me, I can't wait to get to know you! Contact me - let's shoot together.