☐ Pre-plan your outfits to avoid last minute stress. I recommend neutral tones (cream, white, beige, brown, black) or earth tones (green, mustard, rust). Wear something you can move comfortably in and feel confident in. Feel free to send any questions or ideas my way!

☐ I want your session to be more than just couples photos: I want it to be an experience. If you two can do something that you love, or go somewhere special to you, the moments will be more candid, more authentic, and more true to you two as a couple. For example: one of my couples brought their favourite beer, and a box of ice cream (their dogs’ favourite summer treat!). They drank beer on the beach, played fetch with their dogs and ate ice cream. The session was totally candid and totally representative of a day in the life of their relationship. A few ideas I've seen in the past to inspire you, but remember that the sky is the limit:

  • Plan a hike
  • Pack a picnic. Order a pizza.
  • Fill the truck bed with cozy blankets and snacks
  • Bring your favourite board game
  • Document you two doing your favourite hobby (skating, fishing, boating, tobogganing, whatever you love to do together)
  • Go swimming
  • Hang out at the beach
  • Have a campfire (& s'mores)
  • Light sparklers
  • Ride bicycles (or motorcycles, snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, etc.)
  • Cozy up at home for a date night
  • Cook something

☐ Bring an extra outfit. I recommend one more formal, and one more casual (that you can move and potentially get a little messy in).

☐ You’ve paid for the session, you’ve committed to attending, now commit to having fun with it. Come with a good attitude. Don’t allow yourselves to bicker before the session. Treat it like a date night. If you’re feeling nervous, let me know and I can start with some prompts that will help loosen you up. But definitely don’t let your nerves ruin the experience for you.


☐ Choose the most well-lit room in the house to base your session around. Open all curtains, book during hours when the sun is out, and don't be afraid to move things around to create your "perfect space."

☐ Clean any rooms or spaces you'd like to use. Any extra clutter will take away from your photos.

☐ Don't stress about having a "Pinterest-worthy" room. These photos are not supposed to be Pinterest-worthy, they are supposed to represent you and your partner.