Choosing the proper outfit is a detrimental part of preparing for your photography session. What you wear can decide the entire atmosphere/theme/vibe of your photos. However, it doesn't have to be stressful or daunting. I love working with my clients on what to wear and how to style the session to ensure we get exactly the mood we're hoping for.

1.   Work with your photographer

Photographers, this tip is for you too. You attract the style you portray on your feeds. If you want to attract a certain vibe, make sure you’re working to capture and display that vibe across your channels. Work with your clients to help you do so.

Clients, don’t be afraid to ask us. We’d love to help, and after all, it is our specialty. Once you book with me, I will provide you with a style guide filled with outfit inspiration and colour palettes that go well with my style of photography.

2.   Match your photographer’s colour palette

Typically, you choose a photographer based on their colour palette/editing style. For me, this is neutral colours, earth tones and ALL the warmth. Like I said above, I offer my clients a colour palette prior to booking that matches my style well. But when in doubt, greens, oranges, yellows, browns, whites etc. all work excellent with my work.

3.    Lose the ball cap/SUNGLASSES

This one is for you, boys. You’ll hate me for saying it, but that’s okay because you’ll thank me later!

4.   Don’t stress about perfectly matching

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wear matching outfits to your session. In fact, sometimes it can actually take away from the photos. Instead, try to wear colours that complement each other, and avoid patterns that clash with one another, as well as large logos.

5.   Think simple and comfortable

This one is most important. Wear something you feel comfortable in! You don’t want to be at the session worrying about if something has fallen out of place or is sitting wrong on your body.

I always recommend something loose, flow-y and layered. This way you can move around without worrying if something is riding up and hugging wrong. As for the layers, if you take the top layer off for half of your session, it's like getting a bonus outfit!

6.   Go for it

You know that beautifully rustic, boho chic outfit you’ve always wanted to wear but can never find the right occasion? THIS IS THAT OCCASION!